How Content Intelligence and AI Can Transform Your Marketing Efforts

Ready to create more relevant content that connects with your audience? The latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI) can help you do just that. Read on to learn all about content intelligence and how it can change your business.

What is content intelligence? 

Content intelligence provides content creators the tools to know what to write about and how to do it well. So when we apply AI to our content marketing strategies, we’ll get better results with less work.

There are thousands of content intelligence tools that can guide all aspects of content marketing. Whether you’re figuring out what to write about, writing, editing, promoting, publishing, or promoting, there are innovative content intelligence tools that can help you.

Some AI-assisted content marketing tools help with content discovery and content creation strategy. Others could be AI writing assistants that help you if you have writer’s block or need help checking your grammar and tone. You can also use several content intelligence tools for content analysis, analytics, and monitoring. So this field touches every part of content marketing.

According to MarketsAndMarkets, the content intelligence industry will grow from around $500 million in 2019 to nearly $2 billion by 2024. So expect to see new technology and better product innovation in the near future. 

You can use AI technology in various ways to automate and improve your digital content. Most content marketing teams will incorporate several different content intelligence tools to improve their content quality from beginning to end.  

Why do you need AI for content production? 

Given that Google and other search engines use complex algorithms, machine learning, and natural language processing to fuel their searches, if your content marketing team isn’t using AI to augment its content strategy, you’re going to be left behind. 

Can you write a good article without the use of AI tools? Of course! But considering that 95% of people only read the first five search results from Google, if content marketers want people to read all their pieces of content, they need to use technology to get through the clutter. Without AI, it’s extremely difficult for your content marketing efforts to get the attention they deserve. If you want that content to appear in organic search results, you need to use some of the many available tools at your disposal.

Content intelligence can equip content strategists with content insights to measure the success of their content. They also power content management tools to help them improve the customer experience with each step of the process.

What are some ways AI can improve content marketing?

Content intelligence software and other tools enable marketers to do their jobs more efficiently. So instead of spending hours manually poring over volumes of content to perform a competitor analysis, they could focus on content creation that resonates with their target audience.

According to a 2021 survey from the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, most marketers anticipate that improvements in AI will actually create more jobs than it eliminates over the next decade. So most have a favorable view of content intelligence technologies and what they can offer. Here are a few benefits and uses.

  • Measure and Improve Content Efficiency: Content intelligence can improve your bottom line by maximizing the efficiency of the content creation process. So rather than focus on a piece of content that won’t get any visibility or leads, you’re creating meaningful content.
  • Optimize content: AI tools can help you identify the context of your content and can suggest ways to optimize it. As a result, each piece of content is delivering maximum value at minimum cost.
  • Inspire Creativity: Using AI for content production takes the guesswork out of topic ideation and word selections. This means content marketing teams can devote their energy to creating and improving user experience, rather than content analytics.

What are some content intelligence tools?

Whether you want to check your spelling and grammar, determine how different types of content are performing, do content audits or gap analysis, there are several unique content intelligence tools at your disposal. Here are a few, ranging from single application AI-empowered tools to all-encompassing platforms.

  • Grammarly: Whether you want to check spelling or tone of voice, Grammarly uses AI to make sure your writing sounds smooth and polished.
  • This content intelligence platform uses AI and other data to help writers optimize keywords and content for optimized SEO performance. In addition to providing analytical tools to see how content is performing, it also uses AI as part of the writing process, so it can help you generate words if you get writer’s block.
  • MarketMuse: This platform uses AI to help content producers save time and get stronger results through content research, intelligence, and writing. 
  • SEO Surfer– Similar to Frase and MarketMuse, SEO Surfer uses AI to help writers with content analysis and creation. It provides lists of terms to include in articles, as well as audits of existing articles.
  • SEMRush– With an extensive offering of tools that help with site health performance, keyword selection, SERP analysis, and more, it’s no wonder millions of marketers depend on this platform.
  • HubSpot- This extensive platform offers many AI-powered tools that can help marketers personalize email marketing, manage their content list, publish articles, plan social media posts and more. It also has several plug-ins that work well with other AI-powered tools for maximum results.
  • Rellify– The first-ever content performance platform. The AI tools in rellify assist content creators from the topic ideation process until through to the monitoring.
  • Whether you want to find the best time to post on social media, or evaluate which keywords are performing well, or collaborate with your team more efficiently, Falcon has several useful AI-powered utilities to optimize your social media impact.
  • This tool uses AI to help users plan, test, and launch ads across different social media platforms. so your target audience only sees the best-performing ads. 

Use AI to improve your content marketing strategy

With the innovative AI tools on the market, there are plenty of ways technology can power your content marketing strategy. You don’t need a complex understanding of data science to understand the latest algorithm. You can press a button and let the trained machines do the work for you!

But even with all of these tech advances, it still takes time to research all of these tools and use them effectively. That’s where the team of experts at rellify comes in. Their experts use the best of machine learning to help their clients create strong and strategic editorial plans that perform well in SERPs. So if you’re looking for an innovative AI solution, be sure to schedule a demo today.