Developing a Content Strategy That Drives Results Is No Longer Difficult and Time-Consuming. We Make It Simple.

Now Rellify makes it easy for you to create content strategies that deliver measurable results.

No more guesswork

Make data-driven strategic decisions based on a custom-AI subject-matter expert trained on your relevant focus topics.

Smarter AI briefs

Create smart briefs using sophisticated AI prompts with just a few mouse clicks and get more relevant generative results.

Productivity boost

Use our guided workflow to create relevant content at scale and fully leverage generative AI faster than ever before.

Top SEO results

Optimize your articles for search engine results with detailed AI suggestions. Never miss an opportunity to improve your content!
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Here’s what our customer says

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“Thanks to Rellify, we were able to get our most important keywords onto the first page of Google in a very short time.”

“These successes have led to a significant increase in our market visibility and the associated increase in new customer inquiries. What sets Rellify apart is that we can write our texts independently and without the help of agencies. This allows us to present the content that we stand for.”
CIS Electronic
Connection technology and electromechanical components

“We are very happy with the AI-supported results of Rellify.”

“With the different requirements our customers have for the products we have in our portfolio, the collaboration with Rellify is very valuable.”
Best Egg
Online lending platform

“With Rellify, we have carried out our most successful campaigns to date.”

“For example, a white paper created by Rellify reached ten times more contacts than we had ever reached before.”
Cope Corrales
Wealth advisors

“With Rellify we were on page 1 within 4 weeks!”

Handwerk Connected
Platform for cooperation in the construction and finishing trade

“Thanks to Rellify, we know exactly what we need to write about in order to reach our customers.”

“And thanks to the Article Intelligence application, our authors write comprehensive blog articles in half the time. But most of all, we appreciate that our content created with Rellify generates the most traffic to our website and leads customers to our online store – with a better ROI than our Google Ads.”
German textile company

“With Rellify, we took something that didn’t have an SEO ranking initiative or program and turned it into Google rankings and good articles that will last over time.”

US ladder manufacuring company
Visual representation of rellify's growth mindset, providing right writing and right topics that drives growth!

Rellify Takes the Guesswork Out of Your Content Creation

No more guessing. No more headaches. Just informed choices from your Relliverse™.

Stop guessing. Let your new AI subject-matter expert crunch the data for you.

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Human Intelligence and AI for Modern Content Creation

Unlock the potential of collaborative excellence with Rellify and revolutionize your content strategy with our seamless end-to-end workflow. Combine your team’s creativity with the efficiency of our AI to create compelling content that inspires and engages.

Discover the synergy of AI and your team in action – explore the possibilities now!

Rellify project lifecycle stages: initiation, planning, briefing, writing, publishing, and monitoring.

What Makes Rellify Different?

Unlike Chat GPT and similar models that excel in general tasks, Rellify stands out with our Relliverse™ – a specialized language model meticulously crafted to address your unique content strategy needs.

Rellify is pioneering the future of content marketing to empower you with AI-powered strategies.

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