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The rellify™ content performance platform integrates artificial and human intelligence to increase brand visibility and engagement. Through this powerful combination, our customers discover what content is most relevant to target audiences and produce meaningful content. The byproduct of this intelligence augmentation is we’re able to do a lot more with a lot less.

Benefits of rellifying your content

  • Increase acquisition of quality customers by creating content that’s relevant to the intent and context of your target audience search
  • Maximize engagement across digital channels by building content that maps to every stage of the customer journey 
  • Guarantee performance with a streamlined process applying comprehensive research and eliminating the need for multiple tools and the back and forth with internal contributors, freelance writers and SEO techs

The Content Performance Platform

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rellify content platform

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Market segment and product category AI applied to a streamlined end-to-end process.

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Could your organization benefit from incorporating AI into your content marketing strategy? 🤔

To stay ahead of the game, companies need to make data and analytics a priority across marketing. Businesses win when they allocate their resources to continuously monitor and optimize the relevance of their content.

In this rellify webinar learn key insights on using data to drive your digital and content marketing success.

rellify drives content marketing success for leaders across multiple industries

“I didn’t feel like I was just another number or account. The people at rellify took time to understand us and our products and our brand.”

“On content, we’re definitely happy with the output from rellify. I think that with the different products that we’re launching, it’s really great to have rellify’s support. Rellify has been a great partner for us.”

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