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Artificial intelligence will massively change working life as well as everyday life in the coming years. The technology offers enormous potential in all areas of the economy and will at the same time penetrate all areas of life. This creates a great deal of interest, but at the same time also diffuse fears and often enough concrete concerns – for example, about security and data protection, about the workplace, about opportunities and freedoms.

So it’s no wonder that artificial intelligence is increasingly taking up space in media coverage. At Rellify, we believe that the opportunities offered by learning machines and AIs far outweigh their drawbacks. Of course, we who understand how Artificial Intelligence works do not see dangers such as the domination of machines over us humans. But we are happy to engage in the social discussion and share our understanding of artificial intelligence in order to break down prejudices and promote knowledge and understanding of this technology of the future.

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Contact Person for the Press

Peter Kraus
Rellify Inc.
295 Bendix Road, Suite 260
Virginia Beach
VA 2345
Black and white portrait image of CEO, Peter Kraus

As the CEO of rellify, Peter leads our team with vision and strategy as we bring the rellify platform to life. His motivating leadership drives our global team forward daily.

Peter has a broad background in financial service and product development, most notably being part of theConcur team from its early days to its $8.3 billion acquisition by SAP.

His experience launching global software solutions gives him exceptional insight into positioning rellify for major growth opportunities.

If you intend to report on our innovative AI powered solutions and what they bring to the world of content creation and marketing, Peter is happy to share his insights as well as a view into the future of data driven, AI powered content intelligence, ideation and creation with you!

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