June Google Update: How rellify Boosted My Traffic 58% in One Week

Thanks to rellify, web traffic for FamilyApp.com has increased over 50% since the 2021 June Google core update. Read on to learn how rellify can get you similar results. Sometimes ranking on Google seems like cracking a complex code. Sometimes you work really hard but don’t see the results you want. Other times, everything falls into place, and the search engines lift your content to a prime position. Thanks to the team at rellify, my website’s traffic has seen a massive uptick due to the last Google update. Here’s why.

What happened in the latest June Google update?

Google’s developers have been explaining that their “algorithms seek to reward” the best content for a couple of years. They periodically refine the algorithm a few times a year to provide users the relevant answers they’re seeking. So every time you ask Siri a question or type in a query like “movies near me,” you’ll get listings to local theaters and showtimes. Or, if you look up “easy dinner ideas,” you’ll get suggestions for your next meal from recipe sites.

Google wants to make sure the results you get match what you’re looking for as quickly as possible. So in addition to relevance, it’s looking to make sure your site has healthy core web vitals. This means everything’s working the way it should. So your website should load quickly, have quality links and photos, and a functional user interface.  The last update (or at least the Part 1 that they rolled out), it seems, was a way to weed out some of the extra “fluff,” so users got the results of their search terms sooner rather than later. That’s not to say some high-quality websites didn’t experience drops after the June Google update because they did. But many sites providing well-researched and focused answers to the questions in the Google universe seemed to get a boost.

The impact of the June Google update on FamilyApp

FamilyApp, the earliest English-language client of rellify, has been one of the early beneficiaries of this new update. We didn’t notice a significant change until the Saturday after the algorithm change took place. Here is a comparison of our search traffic from one week to the next.

Family App performance after June Google Update
After the last Google update, FamilyApp’s traffic increased nearly 60% in a week.

Why did we see these impressive results? Thanks to rellify’s blend of human-instructed machine learning, they helped us hone in on the type of content that both readers and the search algorithms have been looking for, especially after the June Google Update.

What really matters on Google search: relevant, quality content

Google is in the business of giving good answers to those searching for them. So it makes sense that quality content would come from well-researched, well-written articles versus sites depending on cheap hacks. It’s no wonder that the June Google update has been incredibly beneficial to rellify users like FamilyApp. The rellify platform supplements its clients’ existing work with extra knowledge of what people are actually searching for. As any SEO writer knows, you’ve got to be able to write for two audiences: the machines or algorithms and your actual readers.

With rellify, the writing team can do both. As a result, the FamilyApp team doesn’t have to waste its time looking up processes that don’t really matter or chasing down obscure links readers don’t really care about. Instead, rellify gives us the data that actually works in the search engines, so we’re getting real results. While Google’s update is only halfway complete, considering how we’ve been honing our process over the past few years, we have no reason to believe the next half of the update won’t also benefit our process. The rellify process supplements our existing work and research with extra knowledge of what people are actually searching for.

How does rellify help clients grow during Google updates?

The rellify platform helps clients like us identify relevant topics and produce high-quality articles for our audience. So we have better content and more hits from organic search. Here’s how it works. First, the team at rellify helped us identify our target audience and the types of topics they wanted to read about. As someone new to content marketing, the initial assistance I received from the rellify team was invaluable. They helped to train me and later my team members on the most important elements for SEO performance.

Since FamilyApp was a new website and “family” is a pretty broad topic, they helped us identify 5 general subject areas to get started. Most of their new clients have existing content, in which case they’ll do audits and analysis of their website performance and content to generate better results. Next, they helped us craft an editorial plan with keywords and questions to write on topics people care about using relevant terms.

As a new website, we had to publish several articles at first to become an authority on the topics that matter most to our readers. Then we could adopt a slower cadence and have good results. For FamilyApp’s family-related topics, food and recipes have risen to the top of the list. Now that we have over 1,300 articles, we’re continually looking for new relevant topics.

Of course, we still depend on rellify to help us identify them and write in a way that resonates with our audience. But our continuous content audits have been equally beneficial in identifying articles we need to edit and rework. That way, they can either stay at the top of search engine results or rise in the results.

Why rellify makes sense

The rellify platform satisfies both of these audiences by integrating machine learning with the human element. As a mother, editor, and writer, I generally know which topics FamilyApp readers care about. But despite my familiarity and expertise on the topic, I had no clue how to write compelling content in a way that satisfied both readers and search engines.

Without rellify, all of the articles we produced would have been lost in the Google universe. Instead, thanks to rellify, we have continued to see significant gains in the quality of our writing and subsequent search results. While they can’t guarantee a 60% boost in traffic every time Google updates its algorithm like after the June Google update, I am confident that they’ve empowered us to write compelling, relevant content.