How to Choose the Right Content Marketing Platform

Whether you’re a small business, corporation, or social media influencer, a content marketing platform will help you get greater visibility online. But that’s not an easy world to navigate. Read on to find out everything you need to know about content marketing platforms and how to choose the right one for your business or brand.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing means getting your message to your target audience. Media has always been key, but jumping into the digital age means everything’s a little more complicated. Blogs, social media, email, and search engines can be a virtual jungle. So naturally, you don’t want to reach just anyone on the internet. But you do want to make sure your message reaches the right people. With content marketing, you want your content to be topic-specific and provide added value for users in the form of entertainment, information, and knowledge.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” This is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to your website and pages from search engines. The idea is that you’re not paying the search engine to promote your content. Rather, your content is specifically tailored to be exactly what searchers are looking for. Many content marketing platforms can help boost your SEO.

What is a content marketing platform?

A content marketing platform (CMP) is a software solution that helps marketing organizations and businesses to centralize and streamline their marketing processes from end to end. Ultimately, it aims to help clients drive awareness, leads, and revenue from their content to their brand.

Why should I use a CMP?

  • All your data, needs, and workflows are kept in one place
  • It helps increase speed and efficiency
  • You can measure your returns
  • Your budget for staffing can be reduced
  • It distributes content across all channels
  • No limitations on the content type

Which content marketing tool should I choose?

Not all CMPs are created equal. Your business or brand will most likely need a CMP that caters to your unique needs. To make the right decision, you need to understand what CMPs can do. If a CMP is what your business needs, identify your specific needs. Then research which CMP will work best for you.

Here are examples of marketing challenges you may be facing:

  • Producing and sourcing content that’s already created or curated
  • Producing and composing content
  • Optimizing conversions
  • Organizing your digital asset management or auditing
  • Distributing your marketing assets
  • Measuring analytics
content marketing platform decision
Decision-making is a complex process consisting of many factors that influence each other.

Check out some of the best content marketing software and services that can help you produce, organize, optimize, and streamline your marketing workflow. Here’s a comprehensive (but not exhaustive) list of how you can choose a content marketing platform or tool that best addresses your marketing challenges:

What is the best content performance platform?


One of the most valuable services you can use is rellify. rellify is an AI-powered service that helps create optimized content written by real people. Machine learning is the foundation of its algorithm, so it naturally ranks well in search engines. But, of course, you want your content to be catered to the person who will most likely to benefit from it – rellify ensures exactly that.

Search marketing is the backbone of relevance in the digital world. rellify makes sure that your content ranks naturally without paid promotion. rellify also helps organizations to establish a sustainable content performance strategy to support corporate goals. Besides the advanced tools it uses, rellify stands out because it is a full-service performance platform. It not only helps you develop valuable content – from the discovery of topics to planning content to publishing it in optimal form – but it also monitors its performance. So you can update it to maintain its performance.

What is it best for? Producing and composing content that has been optimized using machine learning.

Best CMPs for finding collaborators


ClearVoice allows you to search for freelancers, editors, journalists, influencers, and bloggers within your budget. With ClearVoice, you can request and receive pitch ideas for articles from freelancers. Freelancers submit their level of experience and qualification. Then, the site recommends them to marketers according to their needs. ClearVoice is a perfect fit for online media companies but is also used in sales and marketing. If you’re interested in developing a network of freelancers who can help you craft just the right content, ClearVoice is the place to start.

What is it best for? Producing and sourcing content from freelancers.

The best CMP for scheduling and organizing on a team


If you love a good calendar, this is the platform for you. It’s more of an editorial calendar and social media marketing tool. With CoSchedule, you can create a calendar that helps you see, schedule, and share your marketing across social networks. You can also create a marketing suite to coordinate your team, projects, and process.

What is it best for? Planning, organizing, and executing all things content marketing.


Looking for a platform that you can easily customize to your team’s needs and workflow? Wrike is a great option. Their extensive features maximize performance, expedite growth, and improve customer experience. With Wrike, you can work as one and fine-tune your team’s exact needs. You can also collaborate and get all-around visibility on effort and outcomes.

What is it best for? Team project collaboration and management.


HubSpot is an inbound marketing tool as well as a content marketing platform. It can help you with sales and customer relationship management. HubSpot can also assist marketers in creating quality content, targeting customers, and managing contact lists efficiently. Its full-funnel marketing system helps marketers build, administer, and distribute emails with marketing tools and applications.

What is it best for? Customer relationship management and distributing marketing automation via email, especially for small businesses.

The best content marketing platform for influencer marketing


BuzzSumo is a cloud-based platform that helps you discover the best engagement, content, and outreach opportunities across social media and search engines. With BuzzSumo, you can generate ideas, create high-performing content, and monitor your performance. Most importantly, you can identify influencers who will help promote your content more effectively. BuzzSumo is the world’s largest bank of social engagement data. It’s built on data-driven insight and analytics from over 8 billion articles. Identify topics and questions your audience is asking about solutions like yours. Then, you can craft your content in just the right ways.

What is it best for? Distributing influencer marketing.

Best CMPs for sourcing and creating content


Contently combines strategies, technology, and talent on one platform. With three options, they have a content strategy solution that will work for you. With Contently, you can document your current goals and audience personas, keep track of your most important SEO keywords, and stay one step ahead with their content intelligence tool.

What is it best for? Producing and sourcing content from freelancers.


One of the challenges for content marketers is producing professional-looking images quickly and efficiently. That’s where Canva comes in. This easy-to-use platform is perfect for small businesses looking to step up their content marketing game. With millions of stock images and thousands of templates to choose from, you won’t need any other program for content creation. If you have a team of creatives, Canva makes it easy for them to collaborate, too!

What is it best for? Producing and composing graphics.


Uberflip allows marketers to scale how they incorporate content every step of the way. And you can make sure customers get the right content at the right time. Centralize, organize, and distribute your content, and get ready to generate results. It’s built for marketers, not web developers. Marketers can self-publish campaign destinations in minutes.

What is it best for? Content production and composition via eBooks.

Get started with a content marketing platform today

These programs are certainly not exhaustive. It’s just a glimpse of what’s out there in the world of content marketing platforms and tools.

Are you ready to revamp your content marketing strategy into one comprehensive program? No matter your content marketing needs, there’s a solution out there. Take your content creation, optimization, scheduling, collaboration, and conversions to the next level with the right content marketing platform today.