Keyboard Shortcuts – rellify Platform Update

Our newest features and updates include keyboard shortcuts and other ways to optimize and enhance your article content. These updates will help keep your content on track and make edits quickly and seamlessly. Read on to learn more about these new updates and other features our team has made recently for a unique user experience.

Select all Keywords

With one click, we show all the given keywords in the text. This way you can make optimizations without accidentally deleting relevant terms.

New suggestion area to easier optimize you articles

We have revised the complete area of optimization suggestions for your text to enable you to work through it in a structured way. From now on you’ll see why your text has not yet reached the desired R-Score.

Categories and subcategories for saved results

From now on, we will display the keywords/questions saved in Explore in the Brief and in the Editor with associated categories and, if applicable, subcategories. This makes it easier for the editor to understand from which angle he or she should write.

Shortcuts and Markdown support

As of now, the rellify platform supports shortcuts and markdown functionalities. You can find out exactly what these are and how & where they can be used in the help section at the bottom right of the rellify platform.

Edit Quickly and Optimize your content with rellify

These new features will make the editing process quicker and easier, keeping keywords and your R-Score top-of-mind. With each new feature we help you and your team create better, relevant content that is sure to drive results. Be sure to contact us to schedule a free demo today.