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How are AI and Marketing Automation Helping Creators Deliver Better Content?

Source: Zee News India, March 22, 2022 Content creation is an integral part of the marketing process. The problem is that content creation is a ...
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15 Exciting Ways to Leverage AI in Marketing and Advertising

Source: Forbes, May 5, 2022 What is the best way to employ AI in marketing and advertising in 2022? Every agency leader will have their ...
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If You Want to Succeed with AI in Marketing, Invest in People

Source: CMS Wire, April 14, 2022 At the core of rellify's AI-augmented services has always been the conviction that AI needs to support humans, not ...
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Video Interview with Intel AI Vice President Arun Subramaniyan

Source: MIT Technology Review, May 9, 2022 Ubiquitous computing has triggered an avalanche of data that is beyond human processing capabilities. AI technologies have emerged ...
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How Hub-and-Spoke Content Marketing can Help Improve SEO

Source: Search Engine Land, May 4, 2022 Rellify helps its users create relevant informational content that drives traffic and visibility in the long run. Read ...
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10 Content Marketing Stats, Every Marketer Should Know in 2022

Source:, May, 5 2022 This infographic features 10 insightful content marketing statistics that every marketer should know in 2022 - on topics such as ...
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KI kann lernen, eine Meinung zu haben

Everyone has an opinion – even AI!

Source: Dartmouth College, April 25, 2022 Can an AI have its own opinion? For example, can it evaluate and adequately describe the quality of wine? ...
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