Tiemo Winterkamp: “rellify’s goal is to become the leading platform for Content Performance Optimization“

Tiemo Winterkamp is our Global Head of Marketing and Corporate Strategy. Here, he tells you the founding story of rellify and shows how the startup plans to revolutionize the market.

Hi Tiemo, please tell us a bit about your background and why you decided to join rellify™.

After more than 20 years in marketing in the software industry and predominantly in B2B & SaaS, I have often experienced the difficulties of a marketer in terms of being found on Google. Many attempts were made, a lot of money was spent with and for agencies, but the success was in principle often unplannable. Further, Google’s search algorithm is often changing.  So when I first heard about the idea of rellify, I was skeptical at first, but the successes that could be achieved with the method and the software were stunning – and with both large and small clients. When the opportunity arose to bring a new SaaS-based solution to the market, I didn’t hesitate for a moment. So I joined rellify to help company’s products and services be found in search engines.Simply put: be found better.

How and when was rellify™ founded?

rellify was founded in the USA in June 2020. So we’re still quite young, but the idea for rellify had already matured in practice a few years earlier, among other things during a collaboration between a German content and SEO agency and a US social messaging startup with an explicit focus on families. This is where the founding idea came from. So from the beginning, we are a global company and can benefit from various experiences and market insights.

What makes rellify™ different and what is the key USP of the startup?

The essence of our approach is to use AI to quickly capture the relevant search topics for our customers and to relate the most important SEM (Search Engine Marketing) data to them. However, our AI is not intended to act as a black box. On the contrary, we enable content planners and writers to integrate the knowledge of the AI directly into their workflow via so-called Intelligence Augmentation (IA) and thus to create target-relevant texts. To sum it up, we support our clients throughout the entire content creation process – from research, briefing and copywriting to measuring success.

Why do we focus so strongly on relevance? Relevance is the core element of current search on Google. With the Google BERT update at the end of 2019, relevant content, i.e. content that best matches search queries, will be displayed by Google at the top of the organic search results. The most relevant content will be found on page 1. With rellify, we have proven to clients that the approach and technique works. Our customers enjoy increased or consistently high visibility for topics that are important to their business model or brand core.

What is your strategic vision for the company?

Our goal is to become the leading platform for content performance optimization, so that our customers’ content is better found by search engines.

What else would you like the reader to take away?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) continues to change. There have always been adjustments from Google on how search results, but also ads, are presented. Very often, customers react to this with further manual adjustments in the SEO and in the content creation and optimization process. An often very manual process – this is where the next level of digitalization in SEM must start. rellify has stepped in to make this possible.

Thank you Tiemo, for this exciting insight into the founding history and vision of rellify.