Sustainably boost your content performance – An Interview With Dan Boberg

Dan Boberg, General Manager Americas for rellify, has been involved in digital marketing since its inception. He knows how the industry has evolved and can explain the tremendous benefits content marketing can bring to a business.

Watch the video interview to learn how to sustainably boost your content performance.

Dan started as an intern in 1999 with, the first company to successfully offer a pay-for-placement search engine service. He worked there as it became Overture and then was bought by Yahoo! for $1.63 billion in 2003.

In this interview, he talks about working with SEO agencies in the early “Wild West” days. He describes how White Hat SEO, which focused on content and user experience, battled with Black Hat SEO, which used any tactic that could get results.

He also answers some questions that are central to today’s market:

  • What is the difference between SEO and content marketing?
  • Why is content king?
  • What are the keys to successful content marketing today?
  • Why is rellify an opportunity that no one should miss?

If you would like to know more about SEO and how content marketing can sustainably boost your content performance, this video will interest you.

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