Roles and Permissions – rellify Platform Update

With the NEW roles and permissions feature on the rellify platform content marketers, writers, and editors can now posses different roles within a team. Read on to learn more about this new feature and other updates our team has made recently for an exceptional user experience.

NEW – Roles & Permissions 

“Roles and Permissions” are now available in the rellify platform! This is a perfect way to invite external members to a single project and to better organize your team in rellify. We have started with two roles – “Admin” and “Member” – and will expand within these roles over time. By default, every member of your organization has the admin role. Please review your organization settings to decide who should have the admin role. Multiple admins can be defined if needed, but at least one admin is required in order to assigned roles. 

An admin has the following permissions, that other roles don’t have:


  • Give access to organization members 
  • Create/delete 
  • Change settings 
  • Export overview of all projects 
  • View archived projects  
  • Restore archived projects 


  • Change settings  
  • Invite new members 
  • Delete members 

NEW – Focus Keyword Duplicate Check 

When entering the focus keyword, we check if it has already been used – in its exact form – for one or several of your articles in rellify. If it has already been used, we will show you this information together with the affected or relevant articles. 

Optimize your content with the rellify platform

Whether you’re choosing your content team’s new roles and permissions, choosing relevant topics or keywords, or writing content for your blog or website rellify uses the best of machine learning and human experts to help you create quality content that drives results. Be sure to contact us to schedule a free demo today.