Plan, Explore, Brief, Write, and Monitor – rellify Platform Update

The rellify team continues to improve its content performance platform to provide an extraordinary user experience. Read on to learn more about our new and optimized features and bug fixes on the rellify platform.  

NEW! Plan area 

Organize your articles more efficiently with our Drag & Drop feature. You can drag and drop them into the calendar to plan the publication of your articles or create editorial plans. Export your planning to PDF so you can share it with people outside of the platform if needed. 


NEW! The last executed search, including the filters used, is available for later addition of keywords or a new search. 


  • The focus keyword field can now be found above the article briefing tabs.  
  • NEW! We point out if a focus keyword has already been used in another article stored in the rellify platform. 
  • All article specifications will be automatically populated. Only filled fields will be displayed in the briefing area of the editor or taken over when exporting a briefing. 


  • The word count for a sentence is now correctly calculated and displayed in the highlighting. 
  • The keywords used are now counted correctly. 
  • The area for the information from the briefing can be widened/shrunk again. 

Project Overview 

NEW! Export the overview for a project / all projects with the corresponding key figures. This project overview will help all team members collaborate efficiently on the project.


NEW! Export the displayed monitoring data as pdf. 

Optimize your content with the rellify platform

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