Hello rellify fall update!

In the last weeks some new features and a lot of optimizations have found their way into the rellify platform. We present all updates to you, hope you like them and look forward to your feedback!

The optimal amount of text for an article

Every editor or copywriter has asked themselves this question countless times: What is the optimal amount of text for my article? The answer is not the same for every topic. Therefore, we look at the current Google SERPs for the article topic and serve you a recommendation from now on. The suggested word count is not simply an average but considers “escapes” up and down to calculate a valid value.

Filter – Sort – Search

The more articles you created, the more difficult it became to keep track of them. There is now a remedy for this. You can filter all list views, such as the article overview of a project, according to various criteria, sort or even search for specific things.

Update of the toolbar in the editor

In the toolbar we have made some optimizations and additions to make your work easier:

  • optimized access to the tools for small screens
  • two new buttons to undo or redo actions
  • displays applied text style and alignment of selected text

Create article structure

From now on there is an easy way to give your article a structure. With a single click you can transfer all predefined questions and associated terms into the editor area.

We can do better

Even we don’t have to reinvent the wheel repeatedly and like to concentrate on the constant optimization of existing functions. Included this time:

  • Copying content between Word and rellify
  • Hard and soft wrapping in the editor
  • End-of-sentence detection using machine learning models
  • R-Score improvements for “Readability”
  • Editorial planning based on due date
  • Member management of an organization
  • Editing an already confirmed article publication
  • CDN for faster display of images
  • Multi-region deployment for faster processing of your actions