How are AI and Marketing Automation Helping Creators Deliver Better Content?

Source: Zee News India, March 22, 2022 Content creation is an integral part of the marketing process. The problem is that content creation is a tedious and time-consuming process. According to statistics, 56% of American CMOs prefer using AI for generating copy and content that boosts marketing strategies. By using technology intelligently and strategically, marketers ...

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15 Exciting Ways to Leverage AI in Marketing and Advertising

Source: Forbes, May 5, 2022 What is the best way to employ AI in marketing and advertising in 2022? Every agency leader will have their own preferences and notions about the most effective use cases for AI in their space, below members of the Forbes Agency Council share their current favorites. ...more

How and Why to Create Relevant Long-Form Content

Thoughtful long-form content can be an integral component of your content marketing strategy. Read on to learn more about how you can write engaging long-form content as part of your overall marketing strategy. Less is more? Or more is more? There’s an inherent paradox when it comes to content marketing. On the one hand, consumers …

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How to Find the Right Content Platform for Your Business

A content platform provides a way for a business owner to share something with the wide world that he already knows: I have a great business. Getting the word out to everyone else can be a challenge. There are so many ways to reach potential customers and your target audience. Social media, blog posts, influencer marketing, and email campaigns are just some of the digital marketing tools you can use to create brand awareness. It can be overwhelming to determine the best way to reach your ideal consumer. Having a well-thought-out content marketing strategy can help.

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