Article Versioning & Export to WordPress

With our rellify platform June update we deliver four brand new features, which will save you time and effort and offer insights on the success when optimizing your articles.

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Introducing Article Versions

The rellify article versioning offers you the possibility to create different versions of an article and to store which version was published when. This way you can easily track in the monitoring module which effects your optimizations have on the Google ranking of the article.

Easily Export Your Articles to WordPress

Are you using WordPress for your website? Then we have good news for you! With the Export to WordPress function, you can export your article including images and their ALT data directly as a post or a page to your WordPress instance.

Language Switch for English in Explore

Now you can easily switch between US English and English directly in Explore. In the project settings you only must choose between English and German as project language. The results displayed for “English” are calculated on millions of English-language documents from different countries. For US English searches, only US documents are considered.

One Email Address for Multiple Organizations

Good news for self-employed writers and agencies: With the current update we have introduced the multi-tenant feature, so you can login to multiple organizations on the rellify platform with just one email address.